Easy and efficient printed
solutions for hospitals

Meeting the needs of patients, staff, and visitors in hospital settings can be a challenge. The Creative Printer’s wide range of Repositionable Media (RPM) products provide solutions to these diverse requirements in a user-friendly, cost-effective way.

All RPM products are easy to install, remove, reposition, and reapply without damage to surfaces, making them ideal for use in high turnover environments that serve different groups in different ways.

Aged Care – Hospital

Our Aged Care RPM solutions for hospital settings are designed to enhance comfort, support, and safety for older adults. Reframe and print-frame products add colour and vibrancy to spaces, while mirror and signage RPM help to reduce stress and confusion. Memory photo collage RPM solutions are popular for all ages as they provide a welcome reminder of loved ones.


Turn almost any flat surface into a whiteboard, where medical charts, emergency contacts, daily to-do lists, medication schedules, rosters, routines, and reminders can be kept clear and close at hand.

Wall Art

Brighten wards, waiting rooms and common areas, and lift the spirits of patients and staff alike with vibrant wall art RPM solutions that can be printed to any size and shape specifications with a lasting, photorealistic finish. For indoor and outdoor use.


Help visitors, staff and patients easily navigate the winding hospital halls with our fully customisable signage RPM solutions, available in a range of familiar fonts, formats, colours and symbols.