Practical Tips for Using Dementia Certified RPM Solutions in Aged Care or Home

Our Aged Care Dementia Certified RPM solutions are accredited by The Dementia Centre, which means that they meet rigorous dementia-friendly standards and provide practical solutions that help people with dementia to live as independently as possible.

All products in our Dementia Certified RPM range are easy to install, reposition, remove and reapply without damage to surfaces, making them the perfect choice to help create a dementia friendly environment that supports the wellbeing of the person living with dementia at home or in aged care residences.

In this article we’ll take a closer look at some of the ways these products can be used to help make life easier for people living with dementia by adapting the environment to meet their needs.

Mirror RPM Solutions Reduce Distress

Certain objects such as mirrors or artwork may trigger significant distress, anguish or agitation in people with dementia. 

In the case of mirrors, they may not recognise their own reflection, or they may believe that someone else is in the room with them looking at or watching them. These dementia-certified mirror cover repositionable (RPM) media solutions offer a practical solution whereby mirrors are covered with an opaque film to eliminate unfamiliar and distressing reflections and promote a more familiar environment. They can be placed directly onto the mirror and later removed without damaging the surface, making them especially useful in situations where mirrors cannot be removed such as in hospital wards or aged care centres.

Print Frame and Re-frame RPM Bring Familiarity

Similarly, if certain paintings or artworks cause distress, or are not relevant or helpful to the person with dementia, they should be replaced or covered with dementia friendly artwork such as the gorgeous images in our dementia certified re-frame RPM range. These can easily be applied directly to the existing frame and are easy to remove, reposition, and reapply without damage to surfaces. This is a particularly good solution in hospital or aged care settings where artwork can not readily be added or changed.

In the absence of an existing frame, you could choose images from our beautiful selection of dementia certified print-frame RPM, which are printed with a frame and mount, and apply them to any smooth surface. Later these artworks can easily be removed and repositioned without damage to underlying surfaces.

Photocollage RPM Create opportunities to Reminisce

Other considerations include making the person feel comfortable and relaxed in their home. Photos of loved ones, favourite spots, memorable holidays, and special occasions are known to provide sources of joy and comfort as well as opportunities to reminisce. Our dementia-certified photocollage RPM solutions make it easy to create beautiful collages from family photos, which can easily be installed, removed, repositioned and reapplied without damage to surfaces.

Signage RPM assist with Orientation and Navigation

Signage RPM solutions play a very important part in ensuring that people living with dementia can navigate, orientate, and interact with their environments with minimal stress and confusion.

Our dementia-certified signage RPM are easy to install, remove, reposition, and reapply without damage to surfaces, and without the need for screws and bolts. They use easily identifiable and recognisable icons and wording on all signs and labels, making them ideal for use at home or in aged care centres where they can be positioned at any height to maximise visibility.

Whiteboard RPM Solutions Create a Space for Reminders

Introducing whiteboards such as these customisable whiteboard RPM solutions is a great way to create a space people can turn to for memory prompts, cues, aids, and reminders to help them to manage daily tasks.

Wall Art RPM Brighten up the Place

Wall art RPM solutions are great for making rooms feel more welcoming, creating talking points and helping with wayfinding and orientation.

Looking for More Ideas?

These are just a few of the ways in which our dementia certified RPM solutions can help make life easier for people living with dementia and their families.

If you’d like to know more, browse our website to see our full product range and keep an eye out for future articles in which we’ll look at more ways our products can help people living with dementia live their best lives.