Who We Work With

At The Creative Printer, we’re committed to helping older adults or those living with dementia to live independent and safe lives with the help of our removable print products. We understand some of the difficulties they can face, whether they’re still living at home, in a private residence or an aged care home, and provide reliable solutions through our memory doors, wall prints, signage and wayfinding and other products. 

Our print solutions help to create bright, homely and easy to navigate environments that reduce stress and confusion and encourage confidence in those living there. The entire range can be applied, removed and reapplied to any flat surface, which means it can be used across a range of homes and residences and is the perfect solution for many care professionals.

But would our signage work well in your aged care home? Or are you looking for something specific to support a client or loved one at home?

In this article, we’re going to delve into exactly who we work with at The Creative Printer, so you know what services we would be able to provide for you and those in your care.

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Who We Work With

Backed by more than 60 years of experience in commercial printing across a range of industries, we print high-quality solutions that can make a significant impact on people’s lives. We take the time to understand your residence’s, client’s or family’s needs and can suggest products that we think would work best for individuals in your care. 

Our range can be customised to make them personal to an individual, reflect different rooms and support enabling environments. We understand how important it is to make areas more home-like, warm and inviting for families and residents.

 We work with several healthcare professionals and providers including:

  • Aged Care Homes
  • Consultants
  • Aged Care Providers
  • Occupational Therapists

    Here’s an overview of how we work with them.

    Aged Care Homes

    One of the spaces in which our removable print solutions make the biggest difference is in aged care homes and residences. We offer several different products that can help residents live more independently and securely so that they can enjoy their spaces and navigate them safely. 

    As an example, clear signage and wayfinding solutions make it easier for residents, staff and visitors to get around a care home, which can help make it feel more welcoming. Our experienced staff can work closely with operations managers to determine the best fonts and colours to use as well as the ideal location for signage for your residents. We can add icons, arrows, brand colours and rooms unique to your residence or home.

    Our fully customisable wall murals can also make a huge difference in aged care homes. Not only do they make the space feel more homely and bright, but they also help residents to navigate and orientate themselves better. We have a wide range of images that can be used for wall murals, and may also be able to use your own images to ensure they work well within your own space and are more personal to your aged care home or your loved one. As is the case with all our products, our customisable wall murals can be applied to any flat surface and removed without damaging it.

    We also offer personalised memory doors for residents. These can reflect a door they’ve had in the past and can act as a gentle and friendly reminder of where their room is. Alternatively, we also have a wide range of colours and styles of doors to choose from on our website.

    When we work with aged care home managers, our aim is to create a familiar place for residents and families that’s supportive and allows them to engage with their surroundings. We want to reduce confusion and create relaxing environments that those living in aged care residences can enjoy.

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    In addition to aged care homes, we also work very closely with those who consult to different healthcare facilities, aged care settings and occupational therapists. We consult with them on the best solutions for those in their care and help to create products to support their needs and ideas. Our experienced staff can help to personalise all our products including signage and wayfinding, posters, and murals.

    An example of a product we work with consultants on are door diversions. This solution is beneficial to help individuals who exhibit exit-seeking behaviours stay safe by providing subtle diversions to an exit door. Not only can exit-seeking behaviour lead to potential risks for people, including those living with dementia, but it can also cause a lot of anxiety and distress. Door diversions work by subtly making exit doors look inconspicuous and guide them to a more resident-focused environment.  

    We work with consultants in single and multi-location aged care homes as well as specialists who provide at-home support. We take the time to work with consultants to find what would work best for those in their care and provide removable print solutions that can be fully customised to any space, aged residence or private home.

    Aged Care Providers

    Aged care providers are often the ones spending the most time with residents. They see them daily and offer continuous support. They’re also the ones who can notice stressful triggers or things that can cause confusion for those in their care. Aged care providers are therefore in the best position to seek solutions that can help residents to live a happier and more independent life.

    One such solution is a mirror cover. For many living with dementia for instance, mirrors can be alarming and cause a great deal of distress and confusion. They often don’t recognise the reflection or can sometimes think there’s someone in the room with them. Removable mirror covers are an opaque film that helps to reduce the glare of a reflection, which can be applied to ensuite mirrors, bedroom mirrors or mirrors in communal areas.

    Aged care providers working in a residence are also likely to notice when wayfinding signs aren’t clear for those living there. They can work with managers and us to find appropriate solutions so that the space is easier to navigate, and residents can orientate themselves better.

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    Occupational Therapists

    Occupational therapists help people of all ages overcome challenges they may face when completing daily tasks. They support them and help find solutions that can encourage independence and provide helpful reminders. Two such things many occupational therapists come to us for are custom whiteboards and memory labels

    Our customisable range of whiteboards can be used simply as a place to write notes, or modified to include exercise prescriptions, emergency numbers, shopping lists, medication charts, reminders and calendars. They help those who need them to feel safe, more self-assured and have the correct resources should they need them.

    Similarly, our wide range of labels comes in a variety of colours and sizes including useful icons to support them to live as independently as possible. These labels can be used on cabinets to clearly show where daily items such as cutlery, linen, medicine and clothes are, through to where rooms such as lounge, kitchen and bathroom are. They’re all printed on material that can be applied to any flat surface and removed, without leaving any sticky residue or damaging furniture. This means they can be used at a private home, then be removed and reapplied when transitioning to an aged care home for example. 

    Why Work with Us?

    At The Creative Printer, we are specialists in aged care printing, offering safe, supportive, cost-effective printed solutions for older adults living at home and in an aged care. Our aim is to provide the highest quality prints which can easily be applied, removed and reapplied, that really make a difference to those who need them. We offer flexible solutions, including a wide range of products and images accredited by The Dementia Centre, as well as personal images that can help to make a space more homely and inviting for those living there.

    We work closely with all our partners and offer expert advice as to what we can produce that can help them create safe and welcoming environments so that residents can feel secure and independent. We understand that some objects and situations can become very stressful for those in aged care homes and provide printed solutions that reduce confusion and panic, whilst supporting them to live as independently as possible.

    Contact the team at The Creative Printer if you have any questions about our products or how they could be used in your aged care environment or home. We’ll be happy to talk you through your options and personalise our products to make them special and useful for those in your care.