Memory Doors and Door Diversions in Aged Care

With close to 500,000 Australians living with dementia, there is an increase in people moving into aged care residences for the support and care that they need.

At The Creative Printer, we create products that can be easily and affordably integrated into residences to assist with minimising stress and increasing support, particularly for those in aged care as well as those living with dementia.

Making spaces less clinical and more homely is another greatly beneficial approach to take for the wellbeing of residents and can be supported with our memory door range.

In this article, we’ll take a look at memory doors and door diversions and how they can help create a welcoming environment that is easy to navigate and improve life for those living in aged care residences and residential homes.

We’ll cover:

  • What is RPM?
  • What Are Door Diversions?
  • What are Memory Doors?
  • Benefits of Memory Doors and Door Diversions
door murals for aged care


What is RPM?

Repositionable Media (RPM) solutions can be quickly and easily installed, removed and reapplied without damaging surfaces. In the instance of using a mural for a door diversion, the designed image is crafted to wrap around each element of the door. For instance, if it is a double door, the imagery design comes in two separate elements for each side, enabling the doorway to function as required. Fuss free and cost effective, RPM enables you to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your residence, while increasing safety, all without the need for screws, bolts and other timely and expensive fixtures.


What Are Door Diversions?

Mainly used in aged care settings where some residents are living with dementia, door diversions can be used to dissuade residents from lingering by an exit or to provide a diversion from exit seeking behaviour.

They can create an attractive visual, making a clinical setting more welcoming, while subconsciously suggesting it isn’t an area to approach or access. They can be applied to any existing door that is deemed to be a safety risk, or be applied to surrounding walls to guide the person’s attention away from an area or exit. This could include an emergency exit point, entrances to staff-only areas or elevator doors for instance.

Our Door Diversion RPM range can be customised to:

  • Cover the surrounding ceiling, walls and floor with artwork
  • Cover glass doors with an opaque or one way adhesive design
  • Blend seamlessly with existing skirting boards and handrails around the door

Murals can also be applied across the exit point and continue onto the walls either side for a larger scale effect, or can be installed on adjacent walls to divert attention away from the exit.

dementia aids, door diversions


What Are Memory Doors?

Sometimes referred to as ‘door murals’, memory doors provide warmth in what can otherwise sometimes be a sterile and clinical setting. A memory door may also act as a visual marker as to which room is theirs, enabling people to navigate their environments more easily.  Our memory door range offers an opportunity for residents to choose their own bedroom door design and be an active participant in creating a more meaningful  home environment.

Designs for memory doors are created to reflect door styles throughout different periods. The purpose of this is to give comfort and recognition to residents who might recognise these images from their own homes that they lived in before moving into their aged care residence. These designs can help residents to connect with their environment, which supports their well-being.

As well as residents being able to have input into their doors, it also allows managers, architects and consultants to create a cohesive, welcoming and functional environment for their residents, staff and visitors.

We offer a wide selection of doors to choose from as well as the option to fully customise your Memory Door to make it uniquely yours.

door murals, memory aids for dementia

Benefits of Memory Doors and Door Diversions

There are a range of benefits to our RPM door products in aged-care residences including:

  • Benefit #1: Reduces stress, aiding in the development of a peaceful environment
  • Benefit #2: Aesthetically pleasing graphics can create a welcoming atmosphere
  • Benefit #3: Increases safety for residents living with dementia
  • Benefit #4: Residents can be involved in selecting their own memory door design
  • Benefit #5: Quickly and easily removed and repositioned

In addition to the above benefits, our range is environmentally friendly with no use of PVC. It’s also Phthalate free and is nontoxic, odourless and delivered in recycled packaging.


Integrate Memory Doors and Door Diversions Into Your Residence

Our team is available to discuss the best product options for your aged care residence needs. The solutions we create will help reduce stress in your residents and staff and give peace of mind to loved ones. Contact our team today to discover how we can support you in supporting your residents.