Aged Care Trends Driving Change in 2024

Like all things in life, how we care for our older adults is continuously developing and evolving – and that’s especially true after a world pandemic in which they were one of the groups most affected. Those in charge of their care and well-being are regularly making amendments and updates on both a local and national scale. One thing we’re seeing a big shift in is the move from larger, more clinical ‘facilities’ to resident-centric living environments where living a fulfilling and as independent as possible life is a primary focus.

At The Creative Printer, we’re proud to say that our vast range of removable print products can be used in almost all of the aged care trends we’re seeing for 2024. They’re customisable, which means they’re designed with the person in mind and they’re also adaptable to changing needs and abilities.

In this article, we’re going to have a look at the changing trends we’re noticing and how our products can help support older adults and those living with dementia.

Top 4 Aged Care Trends in Australia

Events such as world pandemics or the development of certain technologies always drive change and evolution. In the last couple of years, there have been huge innovations in how we think about aged care living, what’s really important to the residents and their families and how we can support them in living active and safe lives.

Trend #1: Increased Residential Home Care

This is one of the biggest aged care trends that’s happened in recent years. Moving out of your home and into residential care can be very hard for both the one moving and their family. For those living with dementia, it can also be a very unsettling and confusing time which is particularly difficult to manage. 

Staying at home and making some changes can really help to create an enabling environment and encourage independent living. The person feels safe surrounded by their belongings and furniture and they can be supported by carers for as long as possible.

How removable decals can help elderly residents stay at home for longer

There are also many innovative care solutions which have made staying at home for longer a real possibility for so many Australians. One such solution is our range of removable print products. Our Cost Effective Removable Stickers can be applied to any flat surface and removed without damaging walls or furniture or leaving any sticky residue. They can act as a gentle and non-intrusive reminder as to which draw clothes are in and where specific objects and rooms are. 

dementia enabling environments

Trend #2: Individualised Care & Personalised Spaces

A noticeable aged care trend has been from generalised care in residential homes to individualised. According to, many new aged care residences are being built to be more like small households, with a couple of suites that can support individual and safe living. Having their own and personalised space can really help older adults and those living with dementia to continue to lead active and sociable lives and navigate the transition from home to an aged care environment. 

But it’s not just newly built residential homes that are putting an emphasis on individualised care. Existing care homes are also adding changes to make rooms and communal spaces personal, warm and welcoming.

How you can personalise a resident’s space with printed wall art

A great way of encouraging residents to live more independently and safely navigate the space is through customisable memory doors. These can be applied to and removed from existing doors, which means residents can easily recognise their room, a friend’s or where they are. We offer a wide range of door styles and colours and we can also print customisable doors to represent a resident’s home front door or one they’ve had in the past.

Another way to make rooms more personal is through the use of wall art. Multifunctional wall art is a wonderful way to brighten up otherwise more clinical settings, add colour and make the space more inviting. We offer a huge range of wall art (all with a photo-realistic finish) which can be printed to any size to fit any bedroom, kitchen, living room or communal area. Our all art can then be combined with our signage solutions which are accredited by The Dementia Centre, helping those living with dementia to feel more at home with minimal confusion and distress.

mural wallpaper for doors

Trend #3: How Technology is changing in Aged Care

Technology is another driving force behind aged-care trends and how they’re changing. A lot of technology, especially that developed during the pandemic, was designed with older adults in mind so they can keep in contact with family, friends and health professionals more easily. This helps to ensure they’re safe, happy and living at home for as long as possible. 

Furthermore, technology can also be used to improve the safety and security of those living at home or in an aged care environment. There are numerous smart home systems available plus emergency chords and buttons which can notify emergency contacts immediately. These can help individuals to get the care they need, without feeling ‘monitored’ by family or care professionals.  

Trend #4: Specialist Care Services

The more research there is into dementia and other life-altering conditions, the better we know how to offer the correct care and support. What may work for one person may not for another and it’s important that this is reflected in the care a person receives. Another important aged care trend is the drive towards specialist care services which ensure those living with life-altering conditions get the care they need to live as independently as possible.

Using dementia-certified printing solutions in your care facility

At The Creative Printer, we have a wide range of dementia-certified print solutions which can be used at home or in a care environment. Our custom wayfinding signage, for example, can include accredited symbols and icons to aid in navigation and independent living. They can also be removed and repositioned depending on individual needs and abilities. 

These developments in aged care are important. The more we learn, the more we can advance and ensure that we’re offering older adults and those living with dementia the best care possible. The aged care trends we’ve listed here are all examples of how aged care is adapting and evolving to suit individuals more.

With the use of our removable printed solutions, individuals, families, consultants and aged care homes can create safer and more homely care environments that support independent living and create an enabling environment. 

If you have questions about how our range of printed media could be applied in your home or residence, get in touch with the team at The Creative Printer. We’ll be happy to advise on the best products for your location and the difference they can make to residents and loved ones.

Using removable decals, wall art and signage to customise spaces for residents and clients.