Aged Care Decals

At The Creative Printer, we design and print a wide range of aged care solutions to assist those living in care homes or their own house. These innovative, safe, and supportive solutions can help older adults and those living with dementia better navigate their environments and live as independently as possible.

One range that has proven to be particularly useful in a range of environments is our aged care decals. These include door diversions, memory doors, photo collages and wayfinding signage. These print solutions all contribute to making living environments safer and easier to navigate for both residents, visitors and staff. They also help to encourage independence which, in turn, promotes confidence and happiness in those living there.

All our aged care decals are printed to be easily applied to any flat surface and removed and reapplied with minimal effort and no damage. They’re the perfect way to keep residents and loved one's calm, safe and happy in their own homes or aged care residence.

Aged Care Decals – What We Offer at The Creative Printer

We work with family members, operations managers and carers to provide printed solutions to a number of concerns in care homes and private properties. Our team are on hand to support those with older adults in their care and come up with customised solutions to make environments more nurturing, homely and safe. Our decals can be categorised into the following three groups:

#1: Decal Stickers

Decal stickers are a great way to brighten up otherwise more clinical environments and gently remind residents of experiences, where objects are and how to navigate their homes or living environments. Our repositionable labels come in a variety of designs and help residents to live independently and complete important daily tasks on their own. They can be customised to include icons and words and can be printed in any colour, shape or size.

We also print personalised memory photo collages which are a great way to prompt memories and act as an opportunity to reminisce and talk about past experiences. The images can be printed to any size which can be applied to any flat surface and removed without damage to the wall or frame. 

Another really popular range of decal stickers in aged care homes is our wayfinding signage. These strategically placed and easy-to-read signs can help residents find rooms, go about their daily lives and complete necessary tasks. They can help older adults and those living with dementia to navigate and orientate themselves in complex environments such as aged care residences.  They also help staff and visitors to easily and safely move around the home.

aged care wayfinding signage

#2: Window and Mirror Decals

For those living with dementia, reflections can be a cause for confusion, anxiety and distress. Seeing their own reflection can be alarming to many. Furthermore, privacy in aged care homes is hugely important for residents, staff and visitors, and some windows within the residence don’t facilitate this.

We print customisable privacy windows with one-way vision which is a great way of brightening up spaces as well as making them safe and more private for staff and residents. They can be used in offices, rooms and external windows to let natural light in as well as let those in offices see out, whilst creating a pleasant environment or continuation of wall art within the room itself.

Our wide range of dementia-accredited mirror covers can be applied to any mirror to reduce anxiety and confusion around reflections. Those living with dementia may think someone is looking back at them or be distressed by their changed appearance. Mirror covers come in all shapes and sizes and can be customised to add colour or an image creating ambience to a room or simply be plain. They’re a great way to minimise stress and draw attention away from mirrors.

#3: Door Decals

Wandering behaviour can be a big concern for carers and loved ones. Not only can it lead to possible safety risks, but finding themselves in an unfamiliar place can be really distressing for older adults and those living with dementia. It can lead to anxiety and confusion which can be upsetting for everyone.

Door decals are one of the best ways to help keep residents safe. As an example, door diversions can provide a continuation of handrails or wall murals to guide residents' attention from exit doors or unsafe areas and deter wandering or exit-seeking behaviours. Depending on your care home or setting, we can provide beautiful artwork to place on existing doors or nearby walls, opaque coverings on glass doors and match handrails and skirting boards from surrounding walls to make the door blend in. 

Another great product which helps with independent living are our memory doors. There is a wide range of colours and styles for carers and residents to choose from and we can even personalise them to match a door from a previous home. Not only do memory doors make care homes feel more personalised and unique but they can also work as a good reminder for residents. They can use them to find their own rooms as well as a reference point for orientation. Memory doors and door diversions in aged care help to make areas homely, whilst ensuring residents are kept safe at all times and can lead as independent a life as possible.

Ready To Use Aged Care Decals in Your Residence?

At The Creative Printer, our team will be happy to take you through the best decals on offer for your space and needs. Not only are there plenty of existing labels, window and door decals for you to choose from but we also specialise in customisability. We’re able to print any design to any size or shape which can be applied and removed with no damage to the surface. This means common areas and individual rooms can be made brighter, and more welcoming and reflect the individuals living there.

Get in touch with our team of experts today to see which of our decals would work best for you, your residents or loved ones.