Privacy Window (one way vision)

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Ideal for providing privacy to areas or rooms, our Privacy Window (One Way Vision) is directly applied to any existing glass.  It is made with tiny perforated holes that allows you to see out from inside your space, but prevents people outside looking in.  The benefit of Privacy Window (One Way vision) is that it also allows for natural light to come in and allows you to see out but can't see in.

Perfect for covering glass partitions in meeting rooms or offices, or to cover any windows in office or bedroom doors.  Anywhere where privacy is required!

Privacy Window (One Way Vision) can be printed with beautiful designs, coloured or branded, making it easy to match or modernise décor, beautify an area or simply create a point of interest.

It is the easy-to-use, cost effective, damage free solution for any area that you require privacy.  Durable and easy to clean, our Privacy Window (One Way Vision) is produced to fit your window or glassed area.

As this is a bespoke product that is created to suit your specific requirements, please contact us now to discuss your needs and pricing.

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    Product Information

    Product Specifications 

    • Perforated removable film suitable for privacy window signage
    • 1.5mm hole dimension – 40% / 60% ratio (40% visibility) - can see out but cant see in
    • Wet application - Easy to self-install. Should you have any questions about installation, or would like a list of accredited installers, please contact us on (03) 9882 4905 or email us at

    Please note that this product works best when viewed from a place in light, to an area of dark. It is not recommended to use this product as a privacy screen if the area behind the one way vision is lighter than the area looking in.  

    Environmental Specifications

    • All our indoor prints use latex inks, which are non-flammable, non-combustible and produce odourless prints.
    • All our packaging is recyclable. 


    What's included

    • Applicator tool
    • Information sheet with cleaning instructions and how-to-install guide