1. Review Product Information to ensure this product is suitable for your wall.

2. Allow a minimum of 14 days for any freshly painted walls to dry completely. Filler must be dry (if you have recently fixed holes) and any lumps or bumps sanded back before installation as any imperfections will show through when looked at closely. If you are at all concerned about your walls, we recommend a special coating of Viponds Acrylic Self Adhesive Prep Coat (Semi Gloss Clear), follow instructions on label.

3. Not all areas are square. Measure your wall in two positions in both directions (height and width) and use the largest size.

4. Think about the perspective of your wall art when it is scaled up to a large print on a wall and viewed from various angles and distances. Ensure you have the correct perspective of the height and position of your image when you upload and position in our wall art editor.

5. Image resolution:
If you are uploading your own images, the higher the resolution, the better the print quality.

Iphone 10 or above is recommended at a size of 3.2m x 3.2m. Avoid using zoom functions or portrait mode as this will decrease the quality of your image when enlarged.

Ensure your image is of a high enough resolution for the size of your wall art. It is always better if you use vector graphics when possible (Ai or eps). As these are not resolution-dependent and can be scaled up to any size without losing quality.

If your image consists of raster graphics, you need to determine which resolution is right for your wall art. Raster image resolution is a pixel density in one inch, which is measured with units such as dots per inch (DPI) or pixels per inch (PPI).

When uploading your own photo in our editor, it will tell you the dpi resolution of the image when it’s enlarged to your specific size. Our editor will give you a yellow resolution warning if it goes below 80dpi when enlarged to full size and turn red if the image quality becomes poor and not high enough resolution for your print.

The larger the print, the further you need to stand away in order to be able to view it in entirely. Below is a quick guideline with approx. viewing distance and the maximum resolution under ideal conditions:

  • Standard Photo size – 127 x 178mm
    Viewing Distance 500mm
    Min DPI 300

  • A0 Poster Size – 841mm x 1189mm
    Viewing Distance 1.4m
    Min DPI 110

  • Wallpaper – 3.2m x 2.6m
    Viewing Distance 2.3m
    Min DPI 80

If you are in anyway concerned about the quality of your image, please contact our design department on
03 9882 4905 or contact sales@thecreativeprinter.com.au.