5 Helpful Dementia Aids To Assist At Home

Integrating supportive aids within the home can assist someone living with dementia to make sense of their environment, to provide prompts and reminders, making it easier to perform everyday tasks.

At The Creative Printer, we design and deliver high quality products that are affordable, versatile and support the independence of anyone living with dementia and residing at home. Similarly, these products can assist those managing an aged care residence who are seeking effective solutions to support residents and staff. 

Our range of products are made using our RPM Technology meaning they can be easily removed and repositioned within the home. Then if someone is needing to move from home to an aged care setting, these products can easily be taken with them to use.  This will  allow for an easier transition as the person will already be familiar with the range of aids and signage created to support them.

Labelling locations and items and providing supporting information as needed can greatly assist with independence and reducing stress, so improving the quality of life for people living with dementia. Importantly, it can also help people to remain living in their own homes for as long as possible. The five main supportive dementia aids we produce include:

  • Whiteboards
  • Memory Photo Collages
  • Emergency Contact Numbers Boards
  • Locational Wayfinding Signs
  • Cupboard, Drawer and Door Labels


Our range of repositionable whiteboards can transform any surface into a functional whiteboard. This enables people to have centrally located points throughout the home where important information can be easily accessed, or added to, as needed.

With no need for screws or hooks, these products are printed onto a commercial grade dry erasable surface which adheres to any wall finish. Easy to apply, this product can also quickly and easily be removed and repositioned into another location with no damage to surfaces.

Details such as routine reminders of when to take medications, appointments and shopping lists can be written onto the board with a whiteboard marker and just as swiftly erased.

In addition to blank whiteboards, we also produce templates for weekly, monthly or yearly planners, with a variety of colour and size options to suit the home.

memory whiteboard

Memory Photo Collages

Having a selection of images of loved ones around the home can add warmth and comfort to any space. It can also support overall wellbeing. Memory photo collages can provide a point of discussion, an opportunity for the person to reminisce.

With four to six images per collage, any number of separate collages can be created and featured throughout the home. As with our other products, our memory photo collages are printed onto repositionable material so they can be easily removed and placed onto a different wall as desired, without causing surface damage. Similarly, they can be relocated to an aged care residence if and when they make the transition.

Memory photo collages come in two sizes, A2 and A3. They can have either black and white or colour images, or a combination.

dementia aid memory photo collage

Emergency Contact Numbers Boards

Having those all-important emergency contact numbers in an easy to locate and large format is a vital addition to the home.  It can provide an up to date list of close contacts for both the person living with dementia, as well as any family members or carers who come into the home. 

Our emergency contact numbers whiteboard is a template with blank fields, which you can enter the relevant contact details onto with a standard whiteboard marker. They can be updated if and when required by simply erasing. Printed onto repositionable material, the sign can be placed in a central location, such as a refrigerator door or beside a landline telephone. Our emergency contact whiteboards can be moved as necessary by peeling off, without any damage to surfaces.

We also offer a customised option of our emergency contact whiteboard where you can select names, numbers, logos or specific branding that you would like permanently printed as part of the design.

emergency contact whiteboard, dementia aids


Locational Wayfinding Signs

Increase the confidence and independence of those living at home with dementia by incorporating a combination of user friendly locational wayfinding signs and labels for key locations and items.

Our range carries the Dementia Choices endorsement from The Dementia Centre and is designed to support people in easily navigating spaces and identifying locations with minimal confusion.

A sense of familiarity can be gained using such signage. They can also help to support people in moments of disorientation and memory lag, along with assisting overall wellbeing and promoting safety.

Each sign includes a clear and easily recognisable symbol or icon, along with the name of the object or location. If required, a directional arrow can also be included.

Our signage is printed onto repositionable material, with designs customisable to suit the home or aged care residence. 

wayfinding signage


Cupboard, Drawer and Door Labels

Perfect for use in the home or care environments, Labels RPM are a collection of 24 Cupboard and Drawer Labels, and 7 Door Labels that are supplied in a sturdy, convenient wire bound folder.

Labels RPM can help to minimise confusion for people living with dementia by making it easier for them to orientate themselves and to understand the environment they are in. Each label includes text and a range of commonly used icons depicting rooms and the contents of cupboards and drawers, assisting greatly to help someone find items or rooms in the home.

Easy to apply, remove and reapply without damage to surfaces, the labels can be stored in the folder when not in use. This makes it easy to take with the person wherever they are, from respite, on holidays, visiting family or friends, or into a care environment if the need arises.

cupboard labels for dementia, kitchen drawer labels


Support Loved Ones and Residents With Dementia Aids

As you can see, there are a range of cost-effective and flexible aids that can quickly and easily be integrated into the home or aged-care residence to support those living with dementia.

At The Creative Printer, we create products that assist people to live independently and comfortably, to help them remain within their own homes as long as possible.

We also create our range of wall art and signage for aged-care residences to support residents and staff alike, in addition to making health care environments warm and homely.

Contact our experienced team to discuss which products would best suit your needs.