Improving environments and supporting the needs of older adults


Our Aged Care range of repositionable media (RPM) offers a comprehensive selection of RPM designed specifically for older adults living at home or in aged care facilities. Our range of aged care solutions are tailored to create a secure, inviting and easily navigable environment that promotes independent living.

Our RPM solutions are easy to install, remove, reposition and reapply without damage to surfaces. You can even add Antimicrobial protection to your product to reduce the risks of spreading viruses such as Covid-19.

Our full range of Aged Care solutions is continually adapting and evolving to offer comfort and support to older adults. These RPM solutions are specially designed to brighten their surroundings, provide them with talking points and opportunities to reminisce, and help them to navigate their environments.


Innovative Aged Care Accessories and Products

Our Dementia Certified Aged Care range, accredited by The Dementia Centre, helps to improve the environments of people living with dementia by increasing familiarity within the environment. These products are thoughtfully created to encourage a sense of belonging and independence especially in a complex or unfamiliar environment such as an aged care home.

Among our innovative aged care range are a variety of products to promote independence. Aged care solutions such as labels and wayfinding signage can be utilised within the home or aged care setting to effectively minimise any confusion or distress and in turn, create an enabling environment where older adults can thrive.

We can also create wall art for aged care facilities through wall murals, memory doors and door diversions. These creative solutions can help your aged care facility promote a safe and inclusive environment for all.

Contact us today to see how our support and care RPM solutions can help.

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Contact Emergency Numbers (Whiteboard RPM™)
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Designed to keep your emergency contact numbers close at hand and up-to-date. Easy to apply in a prominent place so that important phone numbers that may be needed in an emergency can be readily accessed.  Ideal for use in the...