Antimicrobial Safe to Touch (push here) door decal

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Help keep your workplace healthy and safe with our Safe to Touch (Push Here) door decals using Antimicrobial Protection. 

The protective decals contain Antimicrobial agents that inhibit and neutralise the growth of microbes on its surface, killing bacteria and viruses.

• Repositionable – easy to install, reposition, remove and reapply without damage to surfaces.
• Can be applied to most clean, dry surfaces.
• Suitable for indoor use, or short term outdoor use.

Product details:
• Two per pack – for both sides of a push door.
• Cut to shape with round corners.
• Antimicrobial Protection 24/7.

Two sizes available: 240 x 120mm, 200 x 175mm.

Two designs available: with or without a blue border.

Style 1 (Blue border)
Style 2 (White border)
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Product Information
Installation guide
Product Specification
Antimicrobial Protection
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Product Information


Versatile, fuss-free and cost-effective, our print decals are easily applied, removed and reapplied without damage to surfaces. Providing an alternative to traditional art, wallpaper, whiteboard, and signage, our products allow you to add style, personality, and functionality to your spaces without the drawbacks of more permanent design and décor choices. 

Fully customisable to suit any space, style, content, or environment, products can be:

Printed to any size or shape specification
Personalised with bespoke colours, logos, headings, and branding
Affixed to any flat surface
Easily applied, removed and reapplied without damage to surfaces

Installation guide

All of our print decals are easy to apply, remove and reapply without damage to surfaces. An information sheet with cleaning instructions and an installation guide will be sent out with every order.  

Please follow these steps to ensure your installation is quick and easy.

  • Before installation, ensure surface is clean and dry. Allow a minimum of 14 days for any freshly painted surfaces to dry completely. Filler must be dry (if you have recently fixed holes) and any lumps or bumps sanded back before installation as any imperfections will show through when looked at closely;

  • We recommend two people for installation if installing drops larger than 1100mm in width;

  • Peel back the top (approx 200mm) of the product from the backing sheet and adhere exposed print to surface. Using the soft edge of the supplied applicator or a dry cloth, swipe left to right applying even pressure to adhere print. Pull backing away from print as you move down keeping the material taut. Continue moving down, encouraging air bubbles to the edge, until the entire print is adhered to the surface. If twisting or excessive air bubbles occur, lift off and start again;

  • Once entire sheet is applied, smooth over with applicator or your hand to ensure there are no air bubbles;

  • If required, trim off excess material (bleed) using a sharp Stanley knife.

Should you have any questions about installation, or would like a list of accredited installers,
please contact us on (03) 9882 4905 or email us at

Product Information

Product Specifications 

  • 95% blockout
  • Designed to help you reuse, repurpose and reapply your product
  • Can be applied on any clean dry surface and is repositionable (easy to apply, remove and reapply without damage to surfaces)
  • We recommend to test the product for suitability of application before applying
  • Surface quality may impact the performance of this product
  • Clear acrylic pressure activated ultra removable adhesive
  • Recommended for indoor and short term outdoor use application
  • Contains Antimicrobial Protection 24/7. See our Antimicrobial Protection tab for more information


Environmental Specifications

  • Phthalate free, Prop 65 compliant and fire rated
  • Environmentally friendly, no PVC and nontoxic
  • Printed with Latex inks, which are non-flammable, non-combustible and produce odourless prints
  • All our packaging is recyclable.


What's included:

  • Information sheet with cleaning instructions and how-to-install guide.
Antimicrobial Protection

Help keep your workplace healthy and safe with Anti Microbial Protection 24/7

This innovative anti-microbial film is made of clear cast PVC with a thickness of 60 microns. It contains anti-microbial agents that inhibit and neutralise the growth of microbes on its surface. This technologically advanced film has been tested by the Pasteur Institute and proven to quickly inhibit bacteria and coronaviruses, preventing their spread.

The protective film reduces coronavirus viraemia by 95% after a contact of 15 minutes, and nearly 99.9% after a contact of one hour. It contains anti-microbial agents that inhibit and neutralise the growth of microbes on its surface killing bacteria and viruses. An affordable approach to high traffic surfaces where hygiene protection is paramount.

Antimicrobial Protection is smooth and sleek, perfectly waterproof, a non-irritant and compatible with your current cleaning protocols. Further, it is resistant to most chemical agents, alcohol, diluted acids and oils, with antimicrobial activity being maintained for up to 365 cleans.